I love to create and capture all the beautiful in-between moments.

I'm a full-time mama, an education assistant and a photographer. I've worn many different hats over the years and am definitely a yes girl! I am constantly on the go and love to meet new people, create and capture all the beautiful in-between moments. Chaos is my jam, I love light-hearted, easy going people who aren't afraid of a good time or getting a little dirty. I enjoy the little things and get way too excited over silly unconventional things like going through the car wash or sipping on a Starbucks in a quiet car without my toddler's commentary. 

I started pursuing photography as a hobby in 2017 and after the birth of my daughter in early 2020 I dove in a little bit deeper, kept saying yes and I haven't looked back yet. 

Biggest thing I carry with me everyday is my heart. I am emotional, way to empathic and always go above and beyond for my people. I am super open and honest and I am always honoured when I get to  be apart of your family or life for a small period of time to capture that same kind of love. I will cry watching you say your vows, I will hype up your kids when they are tired, I will celebrate with you through all your exciting moments and I will always be on the side lines cheering you on!

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